Frequently Asked Questions:

How expensive are your shoes?
Our shoes can be bought from just $299 including free worldwide shipping. Premium leathers cost a little extra.

What construction method are you using?
All our shoes are made using the Blake Stitching method. This construction method ensures great durability and also enables you to have your shoes resoled if necessary.  

What about customs, taxes etc.?
Every country has different rules and regulations regarding import, the prices on our website are thus without taxes. According with laws, the value we state on our shipments is the production value of the shoes (only possible for some countries), which is lower than the list price. You can contact the customs office in your home country to find out how much you will have to pay. Most of our items arrive at the customer without additional taxes to be paid!

What are the delivery times?
We aim at fast worldwide delivery and you will receive your handmade custom Mantorii shoes within 8 weeks.  We are working on getting our delivery times down, many shoes will already arrive well before the 8 week period.

What if my shoes feel too tight?
Shoes need to be broken in, meaning that they will most likely not be very comfortable during the first wears. It also depends on how sensitive your feet are. This is why we recommend to break your shoes in gradually, wearing them a few hours every day at home. You can also use your shoe trees to stretch them a bit if necessary. To do that, expand the shoe tree a little bit and keep it in the shoe for 24-48 hours. You can also go to a local cobbler if they are really tight - we will reimburse you for the costs if you discuss the issue with us beforehand.

Read here for some more tips on how to break in a new pair of shoes more quickly. 

What if I am not happy with my shoes?
We aim to satisfy our customers. Get in contact with us via info@mantorii.com and we’ll work it out. In the rare case a shoe does not fit and cannot easily be fixed by a local cobbler, we will remake the shoe for you at no additional cost.

If the fit is really off and cannot be fixed, a full refund is also a possibility. Return the shoes to us and we will refund you once we receive the shoes. 

Please understand we cannot accept returns because e.g. you don’t like the colour or the style. As all our shoes are custom made, we cannot simply resell them. Thank you for your understanding. 

How can I start the remake process?
We will require the original shoes to be sent back to us, please contact us to start the process. Once we have received proof of shipment, we can start the remake process. It generally involves redoing the measurements and comparing them to the former ones to eliminate mistakes. Please try to inform us about what does not fit as precicely as possible. Rest assured that we will try everything to make the remake fit perfect.

Who pays for the return shipping?
Customers are responsible for the returns shipping costs, but we will issue a coupon up to $30 for a future order to compensate for the costs. Please understand that offering free returns would lead to a price increase. We are offering our shoes at the lowest possible cost and pass on all cost advantages to our customers.  

How can I start the refund process?
Just like for the remakes, we will require the shoes to be sent back to us, please contact us to start the process. Once we have received the returned shoes, we can issue a refund.

The leather of my shoes looks a bit different than on the screen
Leather is hard to photograph and every monitor displays colours in a different way. Please check our photos page for product photos to help you with the decision. We also state the Pantone TPX code for many leathers for your reference.

Where are your shoes made?
Our shoes are handmade by a respected master shoemaker and his team in Vietnam.  

Where does the name Mantorii come from?
The name Mantorii is inspired by Vietnam’s national turtle, which goes by the Latin name of Cantorii. We liked the connection to our country of production and have only slightly altered it.